Magdalena Domańska



She has been working in the field of clinical psychology and social psychology for over 10 years. Member of the Wielkopolska Society for Systemic Therapy (WTTS). She has been certified by the Polish Psychiatric Association since 2008. Biofeedback therapist, including therapy of emotional disorders, stress therapy, treatment of headache (migraine), concentration training, ADHD therapy, therapy of stress, aggression, etc. Outside of work, she deals with research in the field of stress therapy and increasing perceptiveness in VR.

She works with both individual clients and couples. In clinical practice, she specializes in the psychosomatic aspects of hair diseases, which results in somatic symptoms and the relationship between the nervous and immune systems and the skin. She also deals with the psychiatric side effects of dermatological treatment (diseases that promote depression and anxiety disorders such as psoriasis) and the dermatological side effects of psychiatric treatment that occur because skin diseases have a significant impact on patients’ quality of life, self-esteem and mental well-being.

In psychotrichological practice, factors such as stress, self-esteem, fears, uncertainty are particularly important, which is why she pays a lot of attention to these areas when working with patients. Identifying the causes of scalp diseases, dermatological diseases requires a great deal of delicacy and a holistic approach to a person, which functions as a system of closely interrelated relationships – the psyche, body and environment. That is why an individual approach to the patient is very important.

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