Specialization Cosmetology

Izabela Rzeszutek


Izabela graduated from the Entrepreneurship College (Institute of Medical Sciences) in Warsaw with a master’s degree in cosmetology with a specialization in aesthetic cosmetology. She is a cosmetologist with many years of professional experience that she has been gaining since 2010.

Her professional goal is continuous development and work with use of the highest quality products and equipment, which allows patients to be satisfied with the obtained treatment results and assures safety during the planned therapy.

The acquired knowledge and many years of experience in working as a cosmetologist allowed her to acquire special skills in performing care treatments as well as  specialistic ones.

She specializes in selecting individual treatment plans for the face and body in the field of cosmetology and aesthetic medicine. The scope of her work includes performing treatments using modern technologies with use of ultrasound, radio wave, shock wave or laser, as well as professional preparations (cosmeceuticals, chemical peels). She provides treatments for patients problematic skins, care treatments, cleansing, anti-aging, lifting, mesotherapy, injection lipolysis, and also slimming and body shaping treatments.

She is constantly expanding her knowledge and experience by taking part in numerous congresses and trainings. Work is her passion and she approaches it with heart. She is always cordial, friendly and smiling, at the same time being highly professional with attention to every detail of the therapy. Her artistic soul reflects in her interests. Apart from cosmetology, she is keen on make-up art and photography, her spare time she spends on painting.

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