Trichological cleansing treatment


A properly selected peeling is applied to the scalp. After the peeling is active, the head is washed. The next step is oxybrasion or hydrogen purification, which thoroughly cleans the mouth of the hair follicles. The next step is to administer the active ingredients by oxygen infusion technology or needle-free mesotherapy, which effectively penetrates the skin and oxygenates the hair follicles. Finally, the d’Arsonval currents are applied. The treatment is aimed at cleansing the scalp, regulating the work of sebaceous glands, alleviating inflammation and stimulating hair growth.

After the treatment, our stylist washes the hair, styles it and restores the appearance expected by the patient.


thorough cleansing of the scalp
removing the excess of dead, keratinized cells lying on the surface of the scalp
cleaning the hair follicles
intense stimulation of circulation in the scalp
nourishment and oxygenation of the hair follicles
inhibiting excessive hair loss
stimulation of new hair growth
normalization of the work of the sebaceous glands
regulation of the multiplication of pathological microorganisms on the scalp
fungal diseases of the treated skin
bacterial skin diseases
viral skin diseases
interrupted continuity of the epidermis
allergy to ingredients

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Czas zabiegu: 90 minut

Koszt zabiegu: 700 zł