Oxygen treatment (oxybrasion, oxygen infusion)


The combination of oxybrasion and oxygen infusion is an innovative rejuvenating cosmetic treatment. Performed regularly, it works well in anti-aging therapy, in moisturizing dry, dehydrated skin and in the treatment of acne or couperose skin problems. Thanks to the very high concentration of pure oxygen, the treatment enables non-invasive and very effective oxygenation and nourishment of the skin. The treatment of oxybrasion and oxygen infusion consists in mechanical peeling of the facial skin with the use of saline droplets acting under high pressure. During the treatment, oxygen is pumped into the skin, which makes the skin cleansed and refreshed, as well as oxygenated and nourished. During oxygen infusion, thanks to high pressure, the concentrated dose of the preparation reaches the deep layers of the skin. The infusion treatment improves the condition of the skin – it is moisturized, elastic and oxygenated. It increases blood flow, improves circulation, regenerates damaged cells and increases cellular metabolism. The combination of oxybrasion and oxygen infusion treatments allows the maximum improvement of the condition of the facial skin and its rejuvenation. It has anti-aging properties and is recommended for tired, dull, gray and dull skin.


cleansing the skin
minimization of pores
improvement of microcirculation and skin tone


active herpes
active inflammation
allergy to cosmetic substances

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Treatment duration: from 60 min

Treatment price: from PLN 420

Oxygen treatment Treatment duration Treatment price
Face 70 min PLN 420
Face + neck 80 min PLN 470
Face + neck + cleavage 95 min PLN 550