Trichoscopy is a specialized method of diagnosing hair and scalp diseases. The method is based on dermoscopy. It is an innovative and non-invasive examination of hair and scalp for their diagnosis. Trichoscopy is an excellent tool for the photographic assessment of the condition of the scalp and hair during trichological treatment. The examination is carried out by a specialist trichologist using a device called a trichoscope, the trichoscopy examination of the structure of the hair and scalp is visualized at multiple magnification, and a special light source allows partial analysis of the structures under the skin. Trichoscopy consists in identifying the most important problems and quantifying abnormalities in some hair and scalp diseases, the area covers both the problem area and the rest for comparison. This method is also used to diagnose alopecia areata, as it is easy to see the specific features of this disease in the image. Trichoscopy is an examination that allows for faster diagnosis, thanks to which we can act in the first stages of the problem. It is worth remembering that in the case of baldness, the sooner we start the treatment, the more hair we can stimulate again. It is also easier to judge the growth of new hair. Trichoscopy shows the condition of the skin, the amount of hair, hair follicles and hair structure. Thanks to the conducted examination, we can more precisely define the patient’s problem. Which will certainly facilitate the selection of the appropriate trichological treatment and faster results. After each visit, we can compare the saved images of the scalp and hair, thanks to which we know the effects of the treatment. The examination itself is painless and there are no contraindications for it. The result of the trichoscopic examination is taken into account when establishing the treatment plan. Trichoscopy is also used to monitor the effectiveness of treatment in diseases such as androgenetic, telogen or plaque alopecia.

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Examination duration: 45 min

Examination price: PLN 300 (including consultation)