Eyebrow hair transplant


The shape of the eyebrows can tell a lot about a person, about their character. It’s no secret that eyebrows make the face more expressive and illuminated. Losing your eyebrows, unlike losing your head hair, is an unnatural process. There are many reasons for eyebrow loss, including thyroid diseases, alopecia areata, burns, tattoos, infections, frequent plucking, congenital inability to grow eyebrows, tendency to thinning. Losing an eyebrow is often genetic. Eyebrows have their own special features, therefore the transplantation of the eyebrows differs in some respects from the hair transplantation on the head. The direction of eyebrow hair growth changes in different parts of the eyebrow. Therefore, the most important aspect taken into account during the eyebrow hair transplantation procedure is maintaining the natural direction of hair growth. The second important aspect is the transplantation of only single hair follicles (FUE method). The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. The effect of the eyebrow transplant is visible immediately after the procedure, but the eyebrows fully regain their appearance in about a year.

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Treatment duration: 3-6 hours

Treatment price: depends on the scope of the procedure