EstGen Therapy


Bioactive ESTGEN gel is a unique preparation that stimulates DNA to regenerate the skin. 100% natural, with a unique composition, is distinguished by the so-called “Intelligent action”, that is, recognizes the needs of the skin and then adjusts its action to them. It triggers the process of DNA re-formation and the growth of new skin cells, providing a rejuvenating effect. ESTGEN improves skin density by up to 20% after the first treatment. It reduces wrinkles and lines, tones and firms the skin, reduces discoloration on the face. It is an effective treatment for acne – youthful, adult and rosacea. In addition, it calms skin lesions, reduces inflammation and pollution, and reduces acne scars. It soothes the symptoms of atopic skin, eczema and psoriasis. It accelerates healing and convalescence after aesthetic medicine treatments.

The specialist ESTGEN preparation is introduced into the deep layers of the skin with the use of ultrasound, i.e. exactly where its action is most effective. The ESTGEN treatment ensures an intensive regeneration process and a comprehensive, natural reconstruction of the skin.

The effects are usually visible after the first treatment, although the final result of the treatment is visible one month after the end of the treatment. The number of treatments needed depends on the individual needs of the patient.


clearly visible lifting results
reduction of inflammation
firming, moisturizing, skin regeneration
improvement of the color and structure of the skin


pregnancy, breastfeeding
metal elements in the body
heart diseases
venous diseases
skin hypersensitivity
active inflammation

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Treatment duration: from 60 min

Treatment price: from PLN 400

Treatment Treatment duration Treatment price
Cavitation peeling + sonophoresis + EstGen (face) 60 min PLN 400
Cavitation peeling + sonophoresis + EstGen (face + neck) 75 min PLN 450
Cavitation peeling + sonophoresis + EstGen (face + neck + cleavage) 85 min PLN 500