Hair stylist


Check out what hairstyling services the Hairmitage team has prepared for you. In the price list below you will find the range of services along with the price and duration of service.

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Service duration: from 30 min

Service cost: from PLN 80

Name of service Service duration Service cost
Women’s haircut 60 min from PLN 150
Men’s haircut 45 min from PLN  80
Modeling (Waves / Curls) 60 min from PLN 200
Uniform color (haircut, care, modeling) 120 min from PLN 350
Color + reflexes / highlights (haircut, care, modeling) 180 min from PLN 500
Make-up removal (decolorization during the coloring service) 15 min from PLN 350
Metamorphosis (decolorization, base color, sunlights, haircut, care) 240 min from 700
Cover (covering up gray hair) 30 min from 150
Repigmantation 30 min from 150
Toning 30 min from 150



Name of service Service duration Service cost
A regenerating treatment with minerals 90 min PLN 450
Botox regeneration Jean Paul Mine 60 min PLN 350
Global Keratin hair reconstruction 120 min PLN 500