Psychotherapy focuses on the patient’s psyche and functioning. Medicine is supported by psychotherapy in the treatment of many chronic diseases, also in the case of rehabilitation. The holistic approach to the patient takes into account a holistic approach, combining the health of the body with the health of the psyche as inseparable elements of human functioning. The influence of stress and personality traits reflects the functioning state of the human body. Both the doctor and the patient are responsible for the awareness of how important a role in human functioning is played by his psyche. Psychotherapy is a natural complement to the modern therapeutic process where, in addition to pharmacology, it is necessary to change beliefs, increase the ability to cope with stress, and form a positive attitude towards the world. Psychotherapy allows you to expand your awareness of your own mental tensions, blocked desires or internal conflicts. Another indication of the important role of psychotherapy is the self-esteem of people struggling with chronic diseases, because as a result of them, self-esteem and self-esteem decrease, will to live and life energy decrease, and a feeling of helplessness and hopelessness appears. The inclusion of psychotherapy is then very desirable because it significantly improves the perception of oneself and strengthens the person in the fight against the disease.

Psychotherapy in the case of dermatological diseases focuses on finding causes, identifying problems that may affect the functioning and health of a person. The main goal of psychotherapy is to remove the causes that determine the emergence of health disorders, to understand the essence of experiences and to help you free yourself from them. The approach to each patient is individual.

Therapy duration: to be agreed individually

Therapy cost: to be agreed individually