PROFHILO tissue stimulator (face)


PROFHILO® H + L is an ultra-modern instrument for skin rejuvenation. It consists of stabilized hybrid HA complexes with the highest concentration available in the world – as much as 64 mg, including:

L-HA, the action of which results in the activation of the skin repair and regeneration cascade, and H-HA which are the main component of the skin scaffold and the ECM matrix (extracellular matrix).

Thanks to these particles, we obtain a filling effect and a plastic modeling effect.

PROFHILO® Bioremodeling is an innovative concept of rejuvenating treatments that neutralize skin laxity.

The preparation smoothes wrinkles and lifts the skin, giving the skin an elastic effect that had been lost.

PROFHILO stabilized hybrid complexes are a youth molecule patented by the IBSA Pharmaceutical Institute, which, by rejuvenating, activates the production of elastin and collagen types I, II, IV, VII. It strengthens and thickens the skin, smoothing wrinkles and slenderizing facial features.

PROFHILO is the latest treatment to counteract skin sagging and face aging. Thanks to the selection of natural HA with a concentration of 64 mg cumulated in one dose and the use of cross-linking generation (thermal stabilization), it is practically free from disadvantages.


  • increasing skin tension
  • giving the skin elasticity
  • slimming facial features
  • neutralization of hamsters
  • restoration of the lost contour
  • smoothing wrinkles


  • pregnancy
  • autoimmune diseases
  • -systemic disorders uncontrolled
  • -cancer

Time – 60 min

Price – PLN 1200