DR CYJ Hair Filler peptide mesotherapy of the scalp


A treatment that inhibits hair loss and accelerates its regrowth by stimulating blood circulation and revitalizing the hair follicles. It is intended for both women and men in the case of androgenetic alopecia, telogen alopecia, reactive hair loss in the case of hypothyroidism, micronutrient deficiencies (anemia), a vegetarian diet and vitamin B12 deficiency, discontinuation or initiation of medications (for example, contraceptives), hair loss after pregnancy.

DR Cyj Hair Filler mesotherapy consists of 7 peptides and hyaluronic acid. The unique formula of the preparation ensures long-lasting release and penetration of active substances. Thanks to this, the effects of the treatment are visible very quickly. Already after the first treatment, you can notice a reduction in hair loss, and after a few months, new hair grows back visibly.

Mesotherapy is performed in a series of 4 treatments at intervals of 2 weeks. The procedure is practically painless and requires no anesthesia. You do not need to prepare yourself for the procedure, but it is not advisable to drink alcohol the day before and after the procedure. Immediately after the treatment, there may be small lumps at the site of application or slight itching. These inconveniences disappear within 1 day.


stopping hair loss
acceleration of hair growth
thickened hair structure
stimulation of circulation and improvement of blood supply to the scalp
revitalization of the hair follicles
strengthening the hair before and after the transplant
antiandrogenic effect
pregnancy and breastfeeding
children and persons under the age of 18
sensitivity to any of the ingredients
allergy to lidocaine
bleeding disorders or taking medications to thin the blood
skin diseases
infections or sequelae of streptococcal infections
taking immunosuppressive drugs
steroid therapy
decompensated diabetes
repeated strep throat and endocarditis

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Treatment duration: 30 min

Treatment cost: PLN 1000

4 treatments cost: PLN 2800