Scalp peeling with medical acids


Medical scalp peeling is a treatment aimed at deep cleansing, regeneration of the skin and reducing seborrhea and the amount of hair loss. It is carried out with the use of medical acids, such as azelaic, glycolic, salicylic acids and additionally retinol.

Scalp peeling is a very valuable procedure that starts all trichological treatments. Azelaic acid has anti-androgenic and anti-inflammatory properties. Thus, it is effective in the comprehensive treatment of androgenetic alopecia.

Before applying the peeling, the patient’s head is thoroughly washed, and then a medical peeling is applied with a special brush along the partitions. The preparation must remain on the scalp for up to 10 minutes, then it is neutralized. After peeling, additional cosmetic procedures can be performed on the scalp, e.g. oxygen infusion or needle-free mesotherapy and hair care treatment using specialized trichological cosmetics.


cleansed scalp
anti-dandruff and anti-psoriatic effect
anti-androgenic effect
regulation of sebum secretion, reduction of oily scalp
reduction of inflammation
reduction of hair loss
bacterial and viral dermatitis
atopic dermatitis
irritated and sensitive skin
allergy to ingredients

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Treatment duration: 60 min

Treatment cost: PLN 350
10 treatments package: PLN 2800