Medical peeling PRX-T33


PRX-T33® is a CE registered class I medical peel, made from a combination of 33% TCA (trichloroacetic acid), 5% kojic acid and H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide).

The secret of the PRX-T33 medical peel lies in the innovative method of chemical skin biorevitalization, which combines lifting properties with rejuvenating, cleansing and whitening properties. The unique combination of TCA acid with hydrogen peroxide and kojic acid causes the lack of invasiveness and the occurrence of the peeling effect of the skin, while maintaining properties such as lightening or eliminating discoloration.

Reaching the middle layer of the skin with the peeling, called the basal membrane, stimulates the receptors to produce appropriate fibers and hydrate cells, thanks to which there is a visible effect of eliminating wrinkles, stretching and lifting the skin.

Due to its properties, the PRX-T33 peeling can be performed regardless of weather conditions, and therefore also in summer, when the use of traditional medical peels is not recommended.

The PRX-T33 peeling does not require any prior preparation on the part of the patient. The treatment itself begins with removing make-up from the skin. Then the pre-treatment is massaged into the area to be treated. Usually 2-3 layers are applied, but the final required number of layers depends on the intended effect and the area of ​​the skin. In the next step, the preparation is removed with water and the moisturizing preparation is applied to the skin. After the treatment is completed, it is necessary to moisturize the treated area on your own.


the direct effect is very visible hydration and tightness of the skin
radiant and cleansed skin
narrowed pores
improving the appearance of flaccid skin by rebuilding deep skin layers
reduction of discoloration
reducing the visibility of stretch marks and scars (the best results are obtained on still fresh red lesions)


allergy to any of the ingredients of the preparation
too tanned skin or a dark skin phototype
tendency to develop keloids
active herpes
numerous birthmarks on the skin
interrupted continuity of the epidermis
active bacterial, fungal, viral changes

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Treatment duration: from 45 min

Treatment price: from PLN 450

 PRX T-33 treatment Treatment duration Treatment price
Face 45 min PLN 450
Face + neck 55 min PLN 550
Face + neck + cleavage 70 min PLN 650