Cavitation peeling


Cavitation peeling is a pleasant treatment that cleans the skin of blackheads and dead epidermis. The treatment painlessly and thoroughly cleanses the skin, refreshes its color, and stimulates its natural detoxification processes. Regardless of the type of skin and problems, it will bring a lot of benefits to every person. In the case of dry skin, wrinkles will be gently smoothed and the skin will be moisturized. In the case of oily skin, excess sebum will be removed, the skin will regain its natural color and healthy appearance, and the secretion of sebum in the future will be significantly reduced.


refreshed skin
removal of excess sebum
cleansing the skin of the face
removal of dead cells


feverish conditions
the presence of metallic foreign bodies in the tissues (pacemakers, teeth braces)
acute sinusitis
bacterial, viral and fungal diseases of the skin
heart valves, pacemaker
high blood pressure, heart failure
immune diseases
purulent acne, rosacea

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Treatment duration: 30 min

Treatment price: from PLN 160

Cavitation peeling Treatment duration Treatment price
Face 30 min PLN 160
Face + neck 40 min PLN 180
Face + neck + cleavage 50 min PLN 200