Regardless of the type of scalp, everyone needs regular exfoliation with a properly matched peeling. Its power and type should always be adjusted to the needs and intensity of a given problem or the course of skin dermatosis. Therefore, at the Hairmitage Clinic, the Trichologist Team has developed individual scalp cleansing protocols based on medical acids of various concentration levels.

This allows for the development of an individual treatment therapy at the highest level, with a holistic approach at the same time.

Due to the high demand, our Trichologists have also developed a peeling intended for people with psoriasis and sensitive scalp.

The peeling is designed not only to have a cleansing effect, but also to:

  • soothe,
  • act as an antiseptic,
  • act as keratoplastic / loosening agent,
  • accelerate regeneration,
  • soothe and calm inflammation.

The duration of the procedure is one hour and it should be repeated on average every 1-2 weeks (in special cases, the trichologist decides the frequency of peeling).

Time : 60 minutes

Cost: 350zł