Oxybrasion is one of the most innovative ways to revitalize the scalp. The oxybrasion treatment consists in exfoliating the dead layer of the epidermis with the simultaneous application of oxygen and a stream of saline. The task of oxygen is to stimulate the reconstruction of collagen fibers and capillaries. It eliminates anoxia or “hypoxia” of the hair follicles and surrounding tissues, and improves metabolism. It helps restore the normal functions of atrophic hair follicles and accelerates hair regrowth. In addition, the treatment accelerates blood circulation in the scalp, has anti-inflammatory and antipruritic properties. Under the influence of cold, the sebaceous glands become shrunken, and thus the oily scalp and hair are also reduced.

During the treatment, the specialist brings the nozzle closer to the scalp and cleans and oxygenates the skin with the help of a stream of oxygen. The treatment is non-invasive and painless.


  • strengthening the hair
    improvement of hair density
    nourishing the scalp
    oxygenation of the scalp
    stimulation of blood supply to the scalp
    alleviating the symptoms of inflammation
    fungal diseases of the treated skin
    bacterial skin diseases
    viral skin diseases
    interrupted continuity of the epidermis

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Czas zabiegu: 30 min

Koszt zabiegu: 250 zł