Manual cleansing


Manual cleansing helps to get rid of blackheads and milia around the face, neck, cleavage and back. Before cleansing, the skin is properly fluffed with an enzymatic peeling and a mask. Then the first cleaning takes place with the equipment selected by the cosmetologist. The next stage is skin disinfection and manual cleaning of the area, followed by final cleaning with appropriately selected equipment. D’Arsonval currents and a mask are used for post-treatment disinfection and shrink pores. At the end of the treatment, appropriately selected care preparations are used – serum, care cream and cream with SPF filter. The length of the treatment depends on the area and condition of the client’s skin.

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Treatment duration: from 90 min

Treatment price: from PLN 400

Treatment area Treatment duration Treatment price
Face 120 min PLN 400
Face + neck 150 min PLN 500
Face + neck + cleavage 180 min PLN 600
Back 1/2 150 min PLN 400
Back 180 min PLN 600
Recommended additions to the treatment:
Name Treatment price
Acid peeling PLN 180
Cavitation peeling EstGen PLN 160
EstGen sonophoresis PLN 160
EstGen (cavitation + sonophoresis + cream) PLN 220
Sonophoresis with an ampoule PLN 130
Oxygen infusion with an ampoule PLN 150
Needle-free mesotherapy with an ampoule PLN 120
Princess Green Tea Mask PLN 50
Wow Mask PLN 70