Snoring is one of the most common breathing disorders during sleep. This is an acoustic phenomenon that relies on the relaxation of muscles and the free flow of exhaled air – as a result, the flaccid parts of the throat vibrate and sound of different volumes appears. People with an overgrown uvula, elongated soft palate, enlarged tonsils, a small mandible, and a reserve of fatty tissue on the chin are predisposed to this ailment. Age, eating large meals at bedtime, drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes may also be an additional factor that may aggravate snoring. Statistically, this ailment is more common in men, but it happens just as often in women after the age of 50. Snoring can have a negative impact on the health and well-being of the patient during the day as it disturbs sleep and reduces oxygenation in the body. Failure to treat snoring can result in sleep apnea, the development of cardiovascular disease, decreased libido and even depression.

Cost: from PLN 1100

Treatment duration: 30 min

NightLase™ treatment

NightLase ™ is a fast and non-invasive method that improves the patient’s sleep quality. The NightLase ™ treatment, thanks to the use of Er: YAG laser radiation with a delicate, superficial effect, reduces the occurrence of apnea and the amplitude of snoring. No anesthesia is required for the procedure. During NightLase ™ treatments, the laser light heats up the tissue, causing collagen contraction, and thus stiffening of the tissue. This in turn has the effect of reducing the vibration of the soft parts of the palate with the uvula and reducing the occurrence of apnea. The full treatment procedure consists of three separate treatments performed over a period of 6 weeks. A single treatment consists of an initial and a final phase.

What are the benefits of laser snoring treatment?

  • effects after the first treatment
  • without the need for anesthesia
  • non-invasive method
  • does not require hospitalization


  • reducing or eliminating snoring
  • minimization of sleep apnea
  • reduces the occurrence of apnea and the amplitude of snoring


  • snoring
  • sleep apnea


  • occurrence of infections of the mouth and throat
  • the occurrence of mouth ulcers (aphthas)
  • occurrence of wounds, inflammations in the oral cavity
  • active dental and periodontal diseases
  • active autoimmune diseases (e.g. systemic lupus, scleroderma)
  • tendency to develop keloids, hypertrophic scars
  • active viral infections: HIV, hepatitis
  • active neoplastic disease
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • pacemaker
  • epilepsy
  • taking medications that dilate blood vessels
  • taking medications that reduce blood clotting
  • taking oral retinoids in the last 6 months
  • taking photosensitizing drugs and supplements (should be discontinued 2 weeks before the procedure)
  • taking / using steroids (in the form of a cream or tablets)
  • consumption of herbs, ie: St. John’s wort, calendula, chamomile (should be discontinued 2 weeks before the procedure).
Name Price Time of the procedure
1 treatment 1100 zł 30 min
3 treatment 2805 zł 3 x 30 min