PDO threads


PDO lifting threads are a quick and non-invasive method of correcting skin imperfections. A face lift with threads is an excellent alternative to surgical procedures. Modern treatments with the use of absorbable PDO lifting threads sensationally improve the appearance. The threads can be applied almost all over the body, also around the eyes. Their presence in the tissue significantly strengthens the tendons and muscles, which makes the skin more elastic and thicker. The effects of the painless and non-invasive treatment are immediate. The application of PDO lifting threads takes about an hour and leaves no traces. PDO lifting threads are synthetic monofilament fibers that gradually dissolve, stimulating collagen synthesis and angiogenesis. By dissolving, the threads stimulate the synthesis of collagen and fibroblasts in the skin, thanks to which it becomes smoother, wrinkles are reduced and the face oval is raised. The technique of applying PDO threads is based on the use of natural skin tension lines, thanks to which we obtain an effect similar to a classic surgical facelift. Redness and swelling may appear immediately after the treatment. Cold compresses can be applied to the treated areas to relieve symptoms. After the treatment, it is also important to avoid temperature fluctuations – it is not recommended to sunbathe, use the sauna or solarium for 2 weeks after the treatment. This is a treatment for people with visible mimic wrinkles and a problem with the falling oval of the face.


  • improvement of skin elasticity
  • reduction of sagging skin and smoothing of wrinkles
  • improvement of skin tone
  • improving the oval of the face
  • weakening of the muscle activity that contributes to the formation of wrinkles
  • stimulation of the production of collagen fibers


  • pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • cancer
  • open wounds or skin lesions
  • blood clotting disorders
  • anticoagulant therapy


Treatment duration: 60 min

Treatment price: from PLN 1200