Needle Mesotherapy Eye Bag (eyes)


Dermaheal Eyebag Solution is an innovative cocktail for mesotherapy with biomimetic peptides, reducing bags under the eyes and puffiness, has a positive effect on our microcirculation and prevents puffiness on the face, which is characteristic of, among others, extremely exhausted people.

The preparation significantly reduces the expression of adipogenic factors.

Thanks to this, lymphatic stasis is prevented.


  • reduction of bags under the eyes and puffiness
  • prevention of lymphatic stasis
  • removes the fat pads around the eyes
  • prevents the accumulation of fat
  • makes the skin elastic and tight, giving it a rejuvenating effect
  • a brightening and illuminating effect


  • allergy
  • uncompensated diabetes
  • inflammation of the skin
  • herpes
  • therapy with drugs that reduce skin clotting
  • cancers
  • pregnancy and lactation period

Time – 60 min

Price – PLN 370