Diamond microdermabrasion


Diamond microdermabrasion is a procedure consisting in exfoliating the epidermis with a device equipped with abrasive heads, covered with diamond particles. It is intended mainly for people with mixed and oily skin that secretes excess serbum and for people struggling with blackheads, enlarged pores and keratinized epidermis. Dead skin is completely removed and the skin is cleansed, nourished and disinfected.

During the treatment, make-up removal is performed thoroughly and then diamond microdermabration is performed. The treatment ends with a manual massage and the application of a properly selected mask. Diamond microdermabrasion is considered relatively gentle and non-irritating.

The cosmetologist selects the appropriate diamond head with the appropriate grain thickness. The smallest ones are most often used for the eye and nose area, slightly larger ones for the face, the medium ones are used for the neck and décolleté, and the largest for other parts of the body, e.g. the back. This type of micropeeling is especially recommended for people with skin prone to irritation and allergies.

Microdermabrasion is especially recommended for people who struggle with acne, blackheads, enlarged pores, discoloration, stretch marks, wrinkles and cellulite. It will also work well for tired, dull skin and the first signs of aging. The treatment not only tightens and cleanses the skin, but also slows down aging and stimulates the skin to produce collagen and new cells by improving microcirculation and lymph flow, as well as accelerating the removal of toxins from its deeper parts. The effects are visible after the first treatment.


smoothing the skin
cleansing the skin
increasing skin elasticity and tension
smoothing out wrinkles
removal of blackheads


skin cancer
fragile blood vessels (couperose skin)
freshly tanned skin (and still red, irritated)
recent surgical operations on the surface to be operated on
damage to the skin’s continuity (also as a result of active inflammation during acne)
viral infections (e.g. herpes)
bacterial infections (e.g. contagious impetigo)
fungal infections
taking certain medications, including anticoagulants

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Treatment duration: from 30 min

Treatment price: from PLN 200

Microdermabrasion treatment Treatment duration Treatment price
Face 45 min PLN 200
Face + neck 60 min PLN 250
Face + neck + cleavage 75 min PLN 300
Back 60 min PLN 300
Scars 30 – 60 min Depending on the area
Stretch marks 30 – 60 min Depending on the area