Volite mesotherapy


The VOLITE revitalizing and lifting treatment consists in administering the Juvederm Volite preparation using the mesotherapy method. The treatment spectacularly improves the smoothness, hydration and elasticity of the skin and removes fine wrinkles. It is intended for people with dry, gray and dull skin. Juvederm Volite contains a high concentration of revitalizing hyaluronic acid and comes in the form of a smooth gel that perfectly integrates with the tissue. Thanks to this, the treatment does not cause swelling or bruising, not excluding the patient from everyday activities. It is an ideal solution for overworked people with limited time resources who care about treatments that do not require frequent repetition. Thanks to the use of the breakthrough VYCROSS technology developed by Allergan, which increases the level of cross-linking of hyaluronic acid, the effects of the treatment last up to 9 months.

After the treatment, the effects are visible almost immediately. The skin is intensely moisturized, smooth, elastic and radiant.

Additionally, the preparation contains lidocaine, which increases the patient’s comfort during the procedure.

The effects:

  • Skin hydration imprevement
  • Improvement of skin density
  • Significant reduction of superficial wrinkles
  • Visible improvement of skin quality


  • Dry and dehydrated skin
  • Flaccid skin with reduced tension
  • Wrinkles and furrows
  • Acne scars
  • Gray and sallow skin

Treatment cost: from PLN 1500

Name Price
1 ml PLN 1600
2 ml PLN 2800
3 ml PLN 3800