Face lifting – hyaluronic acid


This innovative method of administering hyaluronic acid, developed by the world-renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Mauricio de Maio, is an excellent alternative to surgical procedures. With the help of volumetric preparations made of hyaluronic acid, an effect comparable to the so-called a small facelift without the need for convalescence. The method consists in a precise analysis of the face, after which small amounts of hyaluronic acid are administered at selected points (7 in women or 9 in men) in order to rejuvenate the eye area, lift the outer parts of the eyebrow arches and get rid of the “shadows” under the eyes, rebuild cheek volume, mark the zygomatic bones, lift the corners of the mouth, shallow the nasolabial folds, emphasize or rebuild the jaw line, rebuild the chin area, reduce the visible “second chin”, improve the side profile of the face in a very natural way. For this purpose, we use preparations of the world-renowned brand of hyaluronic acid Juvederm VYCROSS, which ensure a high safety profile of the treatment and allow you to minimize temporary side effects, such as redness, skin pain / hypersensitivity, hardness, swelling, formation of lumps / lumps, bruises. The results of the treatment may last on average for a period of about 12-18 months, but in some cases it may be necessary to carry out corrective treatments to maintain the desired appearance. Usually, the entire procedure is divided into stages, the schedule of which is set at the first visit. On average, 2-3 treatments are required at monthly intervals.


  • rejuvenated eye area
  • lifting the outer parts of the browbones
  • reduction of “shadows” under the eyes
  • restoration of the cheek volume
  • marked zygomatic bones
  • raised mouth corners
  • shallowing of the nasolabial fold
  • emphasizing or rebuilding the jaw line
  • reconstruction of the chin area
  • visible reduction of the “double chin”
  • naturally improved side face profile


  • pregnancy
  • breast-feeding
  • decompensated diabetes
  • cancers (up to 5 years of remission)
  • active skin infections, including cold sores and infections of the entire body (including colds)
  • autoimmune diseases
  • allergy to the ingredients of the preparation

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Treatment duration: 90 min

Treatment cost: depends on the amount of hyaluronic acid used

The amount of hyaluronic acid Treatment cost
1 ml PLN 1300
2 ml PLN 2400
3 ml PLN 3400
4 ml and more To be agreed individually