HAIR RESTORATION – treatment of baldness with the FOTONA laser


High hopes in the fight against baldness are given by the use of the erbium-yag laser used in the SMOOTH mode. It is a painless laser treatment that restores up to 75% of the hair density. The Er: YAG laser has proven effective in stimulating hair growth in patients with androgenetic alopecia. Research confirms that the laser with a wavelength of 2940 nm awakens “dormant” hair and stimulates it to the growth phase. The therapy increases hair density in patients who started to get bald not earlier than 8 years ago. The only case not eligible for this treatment is the last stage of alopecia, with a very narrow strip of hair on the back of the head left.

The Fotona  laser stimulates hair growth in 3 ways:

Under the influence of thermal shock, the blood supply to “dormant” follicles increases hair follicles. The rapid reaction improves oxygenation and nourishment of the hair nipples, while hair follicles gain energy to produce full-fledged hair. Super-long pulses in the SMOOTH mode stimulate the release of growth factors (TGF B and EGF). This is also of great importance in producing good quality hair. The Er: YAG laser treatment improves the regeneration of the epidermis. Accelerated exchange of epidermal cells causes faster regeneration and growth of hair follicles, weakened by androgens.

What does the procedure look like?

You should come for the treatment with freshly washed hair. The treatment area – where hair thinning occurs, is divided into smaller areas. The laser beam takes a series of painless shots. Each transition is made in a two-way smooth movement. Depending on the type of equipment, 4-6 such passages are made in each designated area. After the procedure, the patient should moisturize the head using moisturizing shampoos. After laser therapy, the skin may be dry and scaly.

Is the procedure painful?

The laser works non-ablatively, there is no break in the epidermis. The treatment is painless, does not require cooling or anesthesia. Most patients experience a short-term peeling of the scalp (usually 2-3 days after the procedure), which results from the accelerated regeneration of the epidermis.


  • androgenic alopecia,
  • hair weakness,
  • loss of volume,
  • oily scalp,
  • lack of micro circulation in the scalp,
  • hair loss.


The effects:

  • improvement of oxygenation and nourishment of the hair follicles,
  • faster regeneration of hair follicles after weakening,
  • restoration of hair density,
  • growth of new hair (especially in patients with andogenic alopecia),
  • stimulation of the follicles for faster hair growth,
  • cleaned scalp,
  • reduced sebum production.



  • taking light-sensitizing medications and supplements (should be discontinued two weeks before the procedure),
  • consumption of herbs, i.e: St. John’s wort, calendula, chamomile, nettle (should be discontinued a week before the procedure),
  • active autoimmune diseases,
  • tendency to develop keloids and hypertrophic scars,
  • active viral infections: HIV, hepatitis,
  • use of bronzing lotions or self-tanning lotions (should be discontinued two weeks before the procedure),
  • tanned skin,
  • epilepsy,
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding,
  • pacemaker,
  • taking / using steroids (in the form of creams or tablets),
  • taking medications that dilate blood vessels,
  • taking medications that reduce blood clotting,
  • application of preparations containing vitamin A (retinoids) derivatives to the treatment area A (retinoids) or other photosensitizing substances (should be discontinued two weeks before the procedure).

Time: 40 min

Price: 300 zł