Cryotherapy is a therapeutic method, the essence of which is to cool the body entrusted with low temperature, thanks to which blood circulation is accelerated, which helps to deal with such ailments as degenerative pain, joint pain or bruised muscles. The treatment consists in local freezing of skin lesions painlessly and without surgical intervention. In general, it does not even require local anesthesia. Skin changes disappear after just a few treatments, without the need for skin incisions. The number of treatments depends on the needs of a specific disease and the patient’s condition. The treatment is intended for people with fibromas, warts, warts, corns on the skin. It is also used to eliminate scars or keloids and in acne treatments. Contrary to surgical procedures, complications are virtually non-existent with cryotherapy. It is recommended for people with neurological diseases, rheumatological diseases, post-traumatic conditions, and has a positive effect on people who are chronically tired and depressed.

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Treatment duration:  15-30 min

Treatment cost: 1-3 skin lesions PLN 150

Treatment cost: 4-6 skin lesions PLN 200

Treatment cost: over 6 skin lesions – to be agreed individually