Trichological consultation Warsaw


Trichology can have a medical, aesthetic dimension, or a combination of both. Trichology focuses on diagnostics, treatment, and general improvement of the condition of the scalp and hair. The trichologist also prepares the patient’s scalp for hair transplantation and takes care of it after the procedure. During consultations, the task of the trichologist is to diagnose and identify the causes of a health or aesthetic problem related to the scalp or hair. Many factors influence the proper structure and condition of the scalp and hair. These include hormonal disorders, diet, medications, infectious diseases with high fever, autoimmune and chronic diseases, emotional disorders, excessive stress, genetic factors, environmental pollution, improper hygiene, history of cosmetic procedures and many others. After diagnosing the problem and identifying the causes, the trichologist selects an individual treatment plan in cooperation with other specialists of the clinic, e.g. a dermatologist, endocrinologist, dietician, psychotherapist or others.

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Consultation duration: 45 min

Consultation price: PLN 300