Psychotrichological consultation


Psychotrichology is a new field of medicine and psychology focusing on the psychosomatic aspects of hair and scalp diseases. Patients reporting to a dermatologist or trichologist, apart from problems with the scalp and hair, often struggle with other symptoms resulting from emotional stress. A comprehensive approach to the patient takes into account the influence of personality and social factors as well as comprehensive therapy of hair growth disorders, therefore, the psyche and the body require work on each of the areas to function properly. Disruption of functioning in one of the areas can lead to the activation of pathological processes and can cause diseases in various areas of functioning. Understanding the mutual conditions and dependencies is important to detect the emergence and development of the disease. Often the disease occurs as a result of acute or chronic stress, which prompts the search for pathogenetic mechanisms in the area of ​​mental and emotional disorders. Therefore, assessing the mental state and influencing its functioning is very important. Psychotrichological consultation focuses on psychosomatic symptoms in the field of diseases and trichological disorders as well as finding causes and disorders, identifying their causes.

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Consultation duration: 60 min

Consultation cost: PLN 200