Psychotherapeutic / psychodermatological consultation


Skin diseases such as psoriasis, atopic dermatitis (AD), lichen planus, acne, dandruff and alopecia areata are strongly associated with the mental and emotional state. Therefore, in the treatment of problems related to appearance, and having a mental or emotional background, we are talking about psychodermatology, i.e. specialties from the border of psychiatry, psychology, dermatology, aesthetic medicine, cosmetology. Psychodermatology is a field dealing with psychological problems that are a secondary consequence of skin diseases or are a primary problem that have a direct impact on the course of skin disorders. The therapy is aimed at patients who, in addition to dermatological treatment, also need psychological support. When treating dermatological patients, psychological factors influence dermatological disorders. Mental factors play a significant role in most dermatological diseases, and there is a correlation between stressful events and exacerbation of skin symptoms. As research shows, psychological and psychiatric factors are an important aspect in about 30% of dermatological patients, which is a significant number and justifies the cooperation of dermatologists and psychologists in restoring full health during dermatological treatment, which is why psychological care is so important in the dermatological treatment process.

A psychotherapeutic / psychodermatological consultation is therefore aimed at people whose health problems, including skin or hair problems, may be psychological, emotional or cause unwanted psychological or emotional reactions. Such a consultation is a conversation with a psychologist, during which the patient has the opportunity to talk about discomfort or even suffering ailments, disturbing thoughts or emotions. The task of the psychologist is to find the emotional and psychological sources of the reported symptoms. For this purpose, the psychologist collects a detailed interview and – if necessary – orders specific tests to be performed. The psychologist, depending on the needs of a particular person, may propose various forms of treatment:


If it is necessary to participate in several forms of therapy at the same time, the doctor can act as a coordinator and supervise the entire treatment.

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Consultation duration: 60 min

Consultation price: PLN 200