Oxygen infusion to the scalp


Oxygen infusion is a procedure that stops excessive hair loss and prevents many scalp problems. It consists in the precise administration of active substances such as peptides, biotin, microelements or iron to the skin with the use of compressed oxygen, which results in their effective penetration into the skin and hair follicles. The oxygen infusion treatment is a combination of the power of oxygen and the nano-technology of active ingredients introduced into the scalp. The selection of active ingredients is made individually depending on the patient’s problem.

For a more lasting effect, a series of 6-8 treatments performed once a week is recommended. It is recommended that the series of treatments be repeated twice a year, and once a month after obtaining the expected effect, to maintain it.


strengthening the hair
improvement of hair density
stimulation of circulation in the scalp
oxygenation of the scalp
silencing the work of sebaceous glands
facilitated healing of inflammations
reduction of aerobic bacterial colonies
increasing the elasticity of the scalp
fungal diseases of the treated skin
bacterial skin diseases
viral skin diseases
interrupted continuity of the epidermis
allergy to ingredients

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Time:  30 min

Price:  270 zł (without the price of the ampoule)