Icoone® is the latest generation of vacuum massage that allows precise work on the connective tissue. It is a patented technology that involves the operation of mechanized massage heads with rollers with numerous micro-holes creating Multi Microstimulation, which works precisely, without stretching the skin or causing injuries. Icoone is the only medical device in the world that offers slimming and rejuvenating treatments for all patients regardless of skin type and age. Icoone allows you to perform treatments on the face, breasts and the whole body, and vascular skin or flaccid skin is not a contraindication. The effects are visible after a series of treatments. The skin regenerates, becomes firmer and tighter. It is a 100% natural and non-invasive method that does not cause side effects.

Icoone® body beauty programs

Treatments are used for cellulite reduction, body contouring, reduction of deeply located fat deposits, firming, drainage, stimulation of fibroblasts for the synthesis of elastin and collagen. There are many programs available to the therapist depending on the type of cellulite, the patient’s skin, vascular problems and the therapeutic goal.

Each treatment begins with a 20-minute base program for the whole body (“base”) with a properly selected therapeutic program (“focus”), taking into account the individual needs of the patient, the condition and condition of his skin and the type of cellulite (water stagnation, fibrous, fatty cellulite, vascular skin, delicate, loose). Then we use 10-minute local programs that are focused on a specific therapeutic problem of the patient (reduction of fatty deposits, skin firming, cellulite reduction and many others) and a specific treatment zone (arms, abdomen, back, inner thighs, buttocks, waist, legs, calves, cleavage, bust, face). We have a total of 22 beauty programs at our disposal.

Icoone® cosmetic programs for the face

Face programs have a lifting and draining effect, improve the face oval, reduce excess fat on the chin, reduce wrinkles, stimulate fibroblasts to synthesize elastin and collagen, improve the contour of the lips, firm the skin and improve its color.

Icoone® face treatments slow down the aging process of the skin and keep its youthful appearance for longer. They are also a perfect complement to other facial therapies, such as mesotherapy, oxygen infusion or aesthetic medicine treatments.

Icoone® treatments are aimed at all women and men who want to find a quick, effective and non-invasive solution to many therapeutic and aesthetic problems without the risk of side effects. Regardless of the type and condition of the skin, the Icoone® menu offers programs that will optimally adapt to the individual needs of the patient.

Treatments are intended for people:

with vascular problems and edema
who want to give their face a young and healthy look without the intervention of a surgeon
unsuccessfully struggling with deeply localized fat, difficult to eliminate through diet and exercise
before and after surgical procedures
muscle aches, back pain and neck pain caused by incorrect body posture
suffering from constipation
women after childbirth
practicing competitive or amateur sports
who live intensively and expect a massage that will regenerate their body and mind
having problems with loose skin
fighting overweight and cellulite
after liposuction.


cellulite reduction
reduction of excess body fat
improvement of blood and lymph circulation
improvement of skin condition, firming and oxygenation
scar reduction
modeling the silhouette
buttock lift
visible skin tension


acute liver and kidney diseases
varicose veins
anticoagulant therapy
pregnancy up to 3 months
infectious diseases.

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Treatment duration: from 20 min

Treatment price: from PLN 220

Treatment type Treatment duration Treatment price (+ PLN 100 costume) 5 treatments price (costume included) 10 treatments price (costume included) 15 treatments price (costume included)
Base 20 min PLN 220 PLN 1000 PLN 1800 PLN 2600
Base + focus 30 min PLN 250 PLN 1200 PLN 2000 PLN 2800
Base + 2 x focus 40 min PLN 270 PLN 1300 PLN 2200 PLN 3000
Base + 3 x focus 50 min PLN 320 PLN 1500 PLN 2500 PLN 3600
Base + 4 x focus 60 min PLN 360 PLN 1700 PLN 2900 PLN 4100
Face, neck, cleavage 30 min PLN 200 PLN 850 PLN 1500 PLN 1950
Face, neck, cleavage 60 min PLN 400 PLN 1700 PLN 3000 PLN 3900

7-day diet plan with consultation with the ICOONE package – PLN 275