One of the most basic methods of examining the scalp and hair is the phototrichogram, it is a test showing the number of bulbs in a given growth phase. This method allows you to determine the type of hair loss. A phototrichogram is performed to microscopically evaluate the hair roots. The phototrichogram is a non-invasive examination that involves taking a close-up photograph of a shaved part of the scalp. Thanks to the examination, a specialist is able to determine in which growth phase a given bulb is or to check its deformation state. After approximately 48 hours, another photograph of the same place is taken. Anagen hair will grow to about 1 mm in length, while telogen hair will be practically invisible. Only the orifices of their hair follicles will be visible. On this basis, the ratio of anagen to telogen hair is calculated, which allows the diagnosis of reactive telogen hair loss. The phototrichogram examination does not require special preparation from the patient, but it is important not to dye the hair for about 2 weeks or to use any styling agents before it is performed.

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Examination duration: 30 min (first visit), 60 min (second visit after 48 hours)

Examination price: PLN 400