Exilis ELITE – body contouring and reduction of adipose tissue and cellulite


Exilis uses RID (RECOGNITION – INSULATION – DEACTIVATION) technology to reduce the circumference and reshape problematic areas of the body, as well as reduce cellulite. It significantly improves the tension, elasticity and texture of the skin, while ensuring maximum safety and control of the treatment thanks to the innovatively designed heads. Exilis ELITE has been clinically tested both in vivo and in vitro. Biochemical tests have proven no harm to the organs of the body. The Exilis ELITE system gives better treatment effects than previously used devices that use radio frequency. It brings excellent results in reducing body fat, shaping the figure, improving the tension, elasticity and texture of the skin and reducing cellulite.

The device heats the selected area of ​​the body to a temperature of over 40 degrees C, which stimulates metabolic activity and accelerates the process of local lipolysis of adipose tissue. Fat cells are broken down, the stored fat dissolved in them, and then naturally excreted from the body. Heating not only breaks down fat cells, but also restores collagen, thanks to which the skin becomes visibly smooth and firm.

Treatment areas that can be treated include: sides, abdomen, thighs, buttocks, knees, arms. It is recommended to perform 4 to 6 treatments at intervals of 7-10 days. The first effects can be seen after just one session, but a series of subsequent treatments clearly enhances the effects.

Exilis is a non-invasive alternative to liposuction and injection lipolysis, without pain or skin damage.


  • reduction of adipose tissue (a clear loss of fat tissue in the treated areas)
  • cellulite reduction
  • improvement and slimming of the figure
  • firming and improving skin tension
  • increasing the density of the skin
  • stretch marks reduction
  • breast lifting.


  • pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • epilepsy
  • skin infections at the treatment site
  • cancers
  • chronic inflammation
  • pacemaker
  • liver and kidney failure
  • metal implants in the treatment area
  • menstruation (the first 3 days).

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Treatment duration: from 25 min

Treatment price: from PLN 500

Exilis for a selected part of the body: abdomen, sides, arms (pelicans), buttocks, front thighs, rear thighs, inner thighs, breasts Treatment duration Treatment price
1 treatment, 1 lot 25 min PLN 500
4 treatments, 1 lot 100 min PLN 1600
6 treatments, 1 lot 150 min PLN 2100