Motus laser epilation


The Motus laser is the latest generation alexandrite laser with a wavelength of 755 nm, ideal for permanent epilation of even light and thin hairs. It is an innovative device for epilation, thanks to which light and delicate hairs will be removed from selected areas of the face and body. The innovative technology, unlike other devices available on the market, is fast and completely painless. Motus will work great even for people with a very low pain threshold. It is distinguished by extremely high efficiency even in cases where other lasers do not bring the expected results. The Motus laser is also completely safe for clients with dark complexion, and the treatments can be performed regardless of the season. The laser used for epilation destroys the hair together with the bulbs, so that the hair does not grow back after the treatment. It destroys the melanin contained in the hair, which makes the hair much less visible after the treatment. The treatment is painless and very effective.

The treatment is recommended for people who want to get rid of hair in certain areas of the body forever or who have problems with their ingrowth. Treatments can be performed all year round. The recommended number of treatments is 6 to 8. However, the final number of treatments depends on individual predispositions. One reminder treatment is recommended one year after the epilation series.

Before the first epilation treatment you should:

  • refrain from mechanical epilation (epilator, wax, tweezers) for min. 4 weeks before the visit
  • the day before the visit, carefully and carefully shave the hair from the treatment site with a razor, leaving a small fragment (about 3×3 cm) to assess the color and thickness of the hair
  • one week before the procedure, do not use depilatory creams, ointments with vitamin C, A, fruit acids, isotretinoin and retinol
  • two weeks before the treatment, avoid intensive sunbathing and self-tanning
  • two weeks before the procedure, do not use strong peels, a week before delicate, for a month laser peels and strong acids on the day of the procedure, do not drink alcohol – 24 hours before and after clean and dry the skin.


  • photosensitivity, photodermatitis
  • photosensitizing drugs and herbs (nettle, St. John’s wort, calendula), retinoids, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, anticoagulants, immunosuppressants
  • epilepsy
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • cancer 5 years after recovery
  • sun exposure up to 4 weeks
  • self-tanners and peels, exfoliating treatments
  • tattoos (small tattoos can be avoided)
  • skin diseases
  • collagenosis
  • disruption of the skin
  • the area around the browbones and testicles
  • vitiligo, psoriasis
  • diabetes
  • some diseases of the endocrine system
  • untreated autoimmune diseases
  • strong antidepressants

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Treatment duration: from 10 minutes (15 minutes for the consultation should be added to the first visit)

Treatment price: from PLN 60

Epilacja Motus okolice twarzy Czas zabiegu Koszt 1 zabiegu Koszt 6 zabiegów
Wąsik 10 min 150 zł 570 zł
Broda 15 min 170 zł 660 zł
Baczki 10 min 150 zł 570 zł
Między brwiami 10 min 60 zł 210 zł
Szyja/Policzki 20 min 230 zł 900 zł
Kark 20 min 200 zł 840 zł
Cała twarz 45 min 350 zł 1.470 zł
Epilacja Motus ciało Czas zabiegu Koszt 1 zabiegu Koszt 6 zabiegów
Plecy 30 min 290 zł 1.140 zł
Ramiona 30 min 270 zł 1.050 zł
Przedramiona 20 min 250 zł 930 zł
Dłonie 10 min 190 zł 780 zł
Pachy 15 min 180 zł 810 zł
Klatka piersiowa 30 min 270 zł 1.170 zł
Okolica brodawek sutkowych 20 min 140 zł 570 zł
Brzuch 30 min 320 zł 1.320 zł
Linia brzucha 10 min 150 zł 570 zł
Epilacja Motus bikini Czas zabiegu Koszt 1 zabiegu Koszt 6 zabiegów
Bikini damskie klasyczne (pachwiny, częściowo wzgórek łonowy) 25 min 220 zł 960 zł
Bikini damskie francuskie (pachwiny, wzgórek, wargi sromowe) 25 min 250 zł 1.050 zł
Bikini damskie brazylijskie (pachwiny, wzgórek, wargi sromowe, szpara pośladkowa) 30 min 280 zł 1.320 zł
Pośladki 20 min 270 zł 960 zł
Epilacja Motus nogi Czas zabiegu Koszt 1 zabiegu Koszt 6 zabiegów
Uda 60 min 450 zł 1.920 zł
Uda 1/2 35 min 280 zł 1.260 zł
Łydki z kolanami 60 min 300 zł 1.410 zł
Całe nogi 120 min 695 zł 3.000 zł
Kolana 20 min 200 zł 690 zł
Stopy 20 min 140 zł 450 zł
Palce u stópt 15 min 70 zł 300 zł