Endocrinology consultation -first visit


The health of the body, including skin and hair, as well as well-being depends on the hormonal balance. When this is disturbed, the body stops functioning efficiently and problems with appearance and well-being appear. Hormonal imbalance can be manifested by excessive hair loss, androgenetic alopecia, the appearance of acne, loss of skin elasticity and a number of other symptoms that affect our appearance. This is because hormones act as messengers between the endocrine and nervous systems and the rest of the body. Therefore, during an endocrinology visit, the doctor interviews the patient to determine their health status and usually orders tests such as:

  • Blood morphology
  • Testing the level of TSH (i.e. the level of thyrotropin concentration)
  • FT3 and fT4 tests (determination of the level of thyroid hormone concentration)
  • Thyroid ultrasound
  • Anti-TPO (test for the amount of anti-thyroid antibodies)
  • Testing the level of vitamin D3 in the body (it is related to hyperparathyroidism).

The therapy depends on the test results and possibly diagnosed diseases.

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Consultation duration: 30 min

Consultation cost: PLN 300