LYMPHASTIM lymphatic drainage


Lymphatic drainage is a pressure massage that improves the circulation of lymph and tissue fluids in the body, bringing with it many positive effects, such as accelerating and facilitating lymph flow or eliminating its stagnation. As a result of the stimulation of appropriate points on the body, better nutrition and work of cells occurs, as well as proper regulation of blood circulation and the functioning of internal organs. The skin subject to massage becomes firmer and more elastic. The metabolism of adipose tissue and metabolism in the skin, subcutaneous parts and muscles are improved. Such massage prevents peripheral circulatory failure, especially in the area of ​​the lower limbs.

The Lymphastim system works on the principle of a sequential pressure massage that directly affects the lymphatic and circulatory systems. Special applicators with overlapping chambers provide a gentle massage that stimulates the natural circulation of the lymph in the body in a similar way to manual pressure massage. The treatment consists in forcing air into specially constructed cuffs and releasing it at appropriate intervals.


  • reduction of limb swelling
  • reduction of cellulite and adipose tissue
  • detoxification of the body
  • nourishment and elasticity of the skin


  • acute neuropathy and plexopathy
  • acute pulmonary edema
  • acute soft tissue trauma
  • acute venous thrombosis
  • diseases that cause decompensation of the cardiovascular system
  • epilepsy
  • rubella
  • feverish conditions
  • liver or kidney failure
  • infectious diseases
  • known or suspected deep vein thrombosis
  • lymphangitis
  • processes causing obstruction in areas covered by lymphatic drainage
  • osteosynthesis or joint replacement in the drainage area
  • pacemaker
  • unclear pain in the abdominal region
  • pathological pregnancy
  • cancers.

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Treatment duration: from 30 min

Treatment price: from 90

 LYMPHASTIM treatment Treatment duration Treatment price  5 treatments price 10 treatments price
Drainage of entire legs and abdomen 30 min PLN 90 PLN 350 PLN 650
Drainage of entire legs and abdomen 60 min PLN 130 PLN 500 PLN 800
Drainage of entire legs and abdomena + AROSHA bandages AROSHA 60 min PLN 220 PLN 1000 PLN 1800