Laboratory diagnosis


The clinic has a collection point where the patient can perform laboratory tests and receive test results even on the same day. We recommend taking blood in the morning, on an empty stomach, after about 12 hours of fasting.

● You can drink a little water before the test
● Avoid drinking alcohol the day before the test
● Avoid physical exertion the day before the examination
● After receiving the test results, consult them with our doctor

We carry out, among others, the following tests in the following categories:

● Allergology
● Anemia
● Autoimmunology
● Paternity and kinship research
● Basic and biochemical research
● Urine tests
● Stool examination
● Celiac disease
● Kidney disease
● Cancers
● Diseases of the digestive tract
● Cardiovascular diseases
● Diseases of the thyroid gland
● Liver disease
● Pregnancy
● Diabetes
● Dietetics / supplementation
● Sex hormones
● Tropical infections
● Other hormones and metabolites
● SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus
● Markers of inflammatory reactions and rheumatic diseases
● Microbiology
● Drug monitoring
● Resilience
● Osteoporosis and bone disorders
● Blood group serology
● Toxicology
● Coagulation system

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