Treatment of bruxism will save us from many serious consequences, so it is worth visiting a specialist and diagnosing it as soon as possible. Bruxism is manifested by pathological clenching of the teeth and friction of the mandibular teeth against the teeth of the maxilla, most often at night. Often the symptom is persistent headaches or a feeling of constant tinnitus and discomfort in the ears, as well as tooth sensitivity that results from damaged enamel. Bruxism negatively affects the entire body, so it is worth choosing the right method of treatment, because if left untreated, it can lead to serious complications. Botulinum toxin, or botox, is also administered to people who suffer from bruxism. The action of botulinum toxin is to temporarily block the flow of the nerve impulse to the masseter muscle. This leads to a reduction in muscle tension and, as a result, its contraction and relaxation. Thus, muscle tension and pain are reduced. After some time, the teeth grinding symptom also disappears, and the facial features around the jaw are softened. The treatment is completely safe and painless. The treatment should be repeated approximately every 6 months.


  • elimination of excessive tension of the masseter muscles, muscle relaxation
  • elimination (for about 6 months) of the problem of teeth grinding
  • improving the face oval


  • pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • use of antibiotics
  • flu, colds, weakness of the body
  • neuromuscular conduction disorders (myasthenia gravis, Lambert Eaton syndrome)
  • problems with blood clotting, the use of drugs that reduce clotting
  • renal failure, heart failure
  • condition after myocardial infarction
  • skin diseases above the site where the botulinum toxin is to be applied
  • skin damage

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Treatment duration: 30 min

Treatment cost: from PLN 1800

Range Treatment duration Treatment cost
The muscles of the masseter 30 min PLN 1800
Treatment of migraines 30 min PLN 3000