AROSHA bandages


AROSHA bandages and cosmetics are extremely rich formulas containing various ingredients, effectively reducing body imperfections, such as cellulite, local accumulation of adipose tissue, loss of skin firmness and elasticity. Bandages are applied to the legs, buttocks and abdomen. The effects are visible after the first treatment, although the full effect is achieved after a series of 8 treatments performed 1-2 times a week.

The treatment is preceded by a peeling that improves the absorption of active ingredients. The selected area is wrapped with a specially selected type of bandage. Then the patient is placed in a special LYMPHASTIM suit, which performs lymphatic drainage. This helps to remove toxins and excess water from the body. It stimulates circulation and reduces the visibility of cellulite.

Bandages are made of delicate cotton soaked with active ingredients that penetrate deep into the skin during the treatment. Depending on the type of active substances with which the bandages are soaked, we distinguish:

Treatment duration: od 60 min

Treatment price: from PLN 650

SLIM-CEL Ingredients caffeine, guarana, horse chestnut extract
Effect anti-cellulite, modeling and slimming the figure; accelerates the metabolism of fats, activates the breakdown of triglycerides and blocks the enzymes that contribute to their accumulation in fat cells; improves blood microcirculation in tissues, has an anti-inflammatory and capillary sealing effect; stimulates lymphatic drainage and microcirculation, accelerates the removal of toxins from the body, increases skin elasticity and tension
CEL-TERM Ingredients Asiatic pennywort, caffeine, warming substances and brown algae extract
Effect anti-cellulite, supporting the reduction of adipose tissue by accelerating fat burning and stimulating metabolism (iodine content activates lipase and prevents the accumulation of lipids inside the cell); has a strong detoxifying and draining effect, helps to remove swelling and toxic metabolic products from the body; thanks to the presence of Asiatic Pennywort, it has a positive effect on the elasticity of the skin, prevents the formation of stretch marks, and also stimulates fibroblasts to produce collagen and elastin
AQUA-DRAIN Ingredients high concentrations of Dead Sea salt rich in magnesium, iodine, calcium, bromine and sodium
Effect drainage, prevents water retention, which supports slimming and anti-cellulite therapy; improves skin tension and firmness, supports cell renewal, regeneration and revitalization, improves microcirculation
FIRMING KIT Ingredients Asiatic pennywort, panthenol, elastin, silicone, DMAE, vitamin C
Effect rebuilding the activity of fibroblasts, restoring the skin’s elasticity and proper color; active collagen, elastin and kigelia africana extract relieve symptoms caused by water retention processes and cellulite formation; also has a moisturizing and antioxidant effect; composes bandages and ampoules: (i) moisturizing with a tightening effect (has the ability to increase the level of collagen and elastin production, prevents oxidative processes of cells, thickens the skin) and (ii) firms and brightens (stimulates peripheral circulation, thanks to which it increases the level of absorption of ingredients active; has a modeling and firming effect)




  • zmniejszenie obwodu
  • wyszczuplenie sylwetki
  • likwidacja zastojów wodnych
  • przyśpieszenie spalania tłuszczów
  • redukcja cellulitu
  • napięta, nawilżona i jędrna skóra


  • zaburzenia krążenia
  • zapalenie żył
  • problemy z sercem
  • problemy płucne
  • zastawki, rozrusznik
  • problemy dermatologiczne
  • alergie
  • choroby w trakcie leczenia
  • ciąża
  • karmienie piersią
Zabieg Czas zabiegu Koszt 1 zabiegu Koszt 4 zabiegów Koszt 6 zabiegów
Exilis + bandaże Arosha + krem 60 min 650zł 2.300 zł 3.300 zł
Szczotkowanie ciała + Exilis + bandaże Arosha + krem 75 min 700 zł 2.600 zł 3.800 zł