Allergic skin tests


Allergic skin texts rely on the administration of a small amount of an allergen under the skin to test the skin’s reaction to a particular allergen. The tests are particularly useful in diagnosing allergies to airborne allergens, but they also help diagnose allergies such as food allergy, dust allergy, mold or dander allergy. Thanks to the research, we can learn about the substances that are sensitizing us. The examination takes approximately 2 hours. The test is performed on healthy skin, most often on the forearm. It consists in putting a drop of the solution with the allergen and puncturing the skin at the site of the drop. If the allergen in question causes an allergic skin reaction in the subject, the result is positive. In addition to solutions with allergens, control solutions are also applied to the skin. The reaction is observed approximately 20 minutes after the application of the allergen solution. After reading the results, we can choose the appropriate method of desensitization. It is recommended that you do not take medications before the test that may affect the test result.

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Treatment duration: 120 min

Treatment cost: from PLN 350