Paulina Hanusz

Specialization Trichologist

Paulina Hanusz


A graduate of the University of Engineering and Health in Warsaw in the field of Clinical Cosmetology.
During her studies, she participated in scientific circles on dermatology and oncology, meanwhile attending practical classes in hospitals. She wrote her diploma thesis of a dermatological nature, focusing her attention on dysplastic skin changes taking place in cosmetology studios.

She has been gaining experience as a cosmetologist for 3 years, and for 2 years she has been passionate about trichology. She is constantly expanding her qualifications by participating in trainings and courses. Her main completed course is one o trichocogic therapy in skin dermatoses such as seborrheic dermatitis or psoriasis, excessive hair loss in functional terms or eyebrows and eyelashes in trichology.
She has a certificate and experience in working with needle and micro-needle mesotherapy or laser therapy, but her performances in treating  the face and scalp are also superb.

Always forbearing at work, she puts the patient’s well-being first. It is important for her to constantly acquire new knowledge to be able to  develop her skills.

In the near future, she plans to study trichology.

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