FUE Method

The newest and most frequently used method of hair transplantation is the FUE (Follicular Unit Excision) technique. FUE is a method of obtaining hair units from the donor area. This area is completely shaved on the day of the procedure. After local anesthesia is performed, the surgeon uses a specialized tool to make a delicate incision around the hair units to be extracted. Then the transplants are collected with  the use of specialized tweezers.

The next step is to prepare the scalp for the hair transplant. For this purpose, specialized sapphire blades are used. They create small gaps or holes in places without hair or thinning.

The previously obtained transplants are implanted into the holes prepared in this way. Wounds at the site of collection heal within a few days. The FUE technique leaves tiny, scattered and virtually invisible scars. This makes it possible to wear even very short hair in the future.

This method of hair transplantation has two great advantages – it does not leave any scars on the skin and is painless.

Hair transplantation
Anna Kuznetsova

She has over 10 years of experience in diagnosing and treating scalp and hair diseases. She is great at using the technique of trichoscopic diagnostics.