Aleksandra Antolak, Ph.D.

Specialization Aesthetic medicine

Aleksandra Antolak, Ph.D.

Aesthetic medicine doctor

A graduate of the University of Warsaw and the Warsaw Medical University. In 2010-2018, an employee of the 1st Department of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Therapy of the Infant Jesus Hospital in Warsaw.

Since 2013, a participant of numerous Polish and foreign workshops in the field of aesthetic medicine.

Currently employed as the aesthetic medicine doctor and anesthesiologist at the injury-orthopedic clinic and the infertility treatment clinic in Warsaw.

In her practice, she bases on the experience acquired within the country and abroad, using effective and proven methods of therapy. She also makes extensive use of the latest achievements in aesthetic medicine, including modern technologies available only to doctors.

Her actions are characterized by care for achieving balance and harmony in bringing out, emphasizing and maintaining natural beauty while respecting individual beauty features. At the same time, she attaches great importance to the safety of patients and patients.


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