About us

We are a team of experienced physicians and specialists with passion and energy to act. Our most important goal and mission of the entire HAIRMITAGE team is to improve the quality and comfort of our patients’ lives. The HAIRMITAGE philosophy is based on the belief that “everyone has the right to beauty”. We strive to live this philosophy in all dimensions of our business.

The name HAIRMITAGE refers to one of the most beautiful collections of art in the world – the Hermitage Museum. Each guest of the Hermitage has a chance to experience beauty and perfection in their purest forms. And the mission of the HAIRMITAGE team is to help you find beauty and perfection in each of you.

We approach the problems with which you report to us holistically. We not only deal with the symptoms, but also with the causes. That is why our services in the field of hair transplant surgery, trichology, aesthetic medicine and cosmetology are supported by outstanding specialists in the field of endocrinology, dermatology, gastrology, dietetics, physiotherapy, psychotherapy and preventive medicine.

Thanks to this holistic approach to aesthetic problems, we help our patients to effectively care not only for their beauty and health, but also for their well-being. We help to permanently regain self-esteem and self-confidence. And we love what we do.

For the comfort of our patients, during longer treatments (for example, during hair transplantation surgery), there is a relaxation room waiting for you, where you can take a break, eat lunch and rest from the procedure. In the relaxation room, our patients can also prepare themselves in comfortable conditions and in absolute privacy for procedures performed under anesthesia.

In order to comprehensively ensure the perfect effect, after trichological treatments performed on the hair and scalp, you will have the opportunity to restore shine to your hair in the hair styling salon.

At HAIRMITAGE, every patient can also perform a comprehensive set of tests that will allow them to receive a precise diagnosis.

Our assets

  • many years of experience in the field of transplantation, trichology, and other specializations
  • holistic approach to the  patient
  • focus on results and safety
  • a team constantly improving its qualifications
  • closely cooperating physicians and specialists
  • effective and safe treatments
  • modern equipment and comfortable conditions
  • adjusting the scope and time of consultations and treatments to the individual needs of the patient

Our clinic

  • Modernly furnished and equipped medical and cosmetology offices
  • Surgical room with world-class equipment
  • A wide range of treatment equipment (ICOONE, Motus, Aquasure, HIFU Hipro, Exillis ELITE and more)
  • Dedicated relaxation zone for the patient
  • A team of physicians and specialists who look at patients’ problems and challenges holistically